Seaside Vodka

The story starts when you close your eyes and open your senses. Our Seaside Vodka begins with California barley, wheat and bay breezes in the distillery and ends with a soft, clean, and refreshing finish on the palate. The aroma is simple but sweet with a hint of vanilla - almost a bit like icing. A very clean crisp vodka that is pleasantly mouth filling with a touch of grain on
the finish

Cucumber and
Lemon Vodka

For flavors as chill as an urban oasis, this tale twists together California citrus and fresh cucumber resulting in a vodka with splashes of citrus notes and cool Cali vibes. Distilled from California grown Red Winter Wheat and infused with direct seeded Southern California cucumbers and Buddha's Hand citrons. Aromatically a dead ringer for a freshly sliced cucumber salad with bright refreshing citrus tones for a smooth finish.

California Dry Gin

Ombre sunset skies and dry unforgiving ruggedness are the inspiration behind this narrative. Distinctly dry and artisanal, featuring a balanced bouquet of juniper and California citrus distilled in small batches using large quantities of botanicals - extracting just the essential oils to achieve the richest possible flavors and mouthfeel

California Coastal Gin

Ease into this story with your top down, cruising down Highway 101. Memories of shining sun, lemon trees, and ocean breezes encourage flavor profiles infused with local floral notes, ripe citrus, and refreshingly crisp cucumber. Approachable and refreshing, we focus less on the juniper and spotlight floral botanicals, bright citrus and fresh cucumber to present a clean and balanced gin reflective of our coastal lifestyle. The result is an aromatic and rich experience from the start.

Straight Rye Whiskey

A truly inspired and artisanal whiskey - aged for a minimum of two years and then naps in cabernet barrels from our sister winery. Smooth and silky, leading with a hint of dry dark chocolate and warm spice, finishing with lasting dried raisins and apricots leaving you
wanting another!

Straight Bourbon Whiskey

More relevant than your Grandad's whiskey - our Straight Bourbon enjoys long California siestas for a minimum of two years. Big and full-flavored opening with roasted coffee and honey, underscored by a whisper of carmel and malt and a warming, roasted dark chocolate finish. Not intended to sit on the shelf but to be enjoyed
with great stories!

Limited Release - Summer Hibiscus Gin

Our Summer Hibiscus limited release gin is made with fresh citrus, hibiscus, and a summery blend of botanicals. Like the first bite of a grapefruit, it is juicy and floral on the nose, complimented by a fresh citrus zest and a hint of honey. Bold flavors of hibiscus and lavender, supported by soft juniper levels and a mildly spicy, yet sweet citrus, leaves you with a tart, warm finish.